The Executive of the Departure Bay Neighbourhood Association is currently made up of the following members:


At the  March 13, 2014 Annual General Meeting a series of directors were elected as listed below. For the coming year,  jobs will be rotated between directors rather than having fixed responsibilities. It is hoped this will provide new board members with a  broad understanding of how the Association functions.

Returning Directors

Jan Chantree, Linda Cole, Allan and Jennifer Davidson, Reale Emond, Karen Hovestad, Dave and Joan Shillabeer, Joan Wallace

New Directors

June Bogle, Shannan Orr, Erik Warners



  If you would like to join our Association, or have any questions or issues that you would like to bring to the attention of the Executive, please contact us at:

president@dbna.ca  or membership@dbna.ca 

We are always looking for members who are interested in taking an active part in the running of the Neighbourhood Association. If you have some spare time and are interested in helping out in a small or large way please contact us.

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