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To view the current version of the Departure Bay Neighbourhood Plan, go to the following City of Nanaimo link:

Departure Bay Neighbourhood Plan


October 20, 2016
Departure Bay Activity Center

The Core Services Implementation Plan was presented at the October 17 Council Meeting. Staff clarified that a recommendation will be forwarded to council in the coming months on the future of the Departure Bay Activity Center building. We are anticipating that some form of community consultation will take place in the near future prior to the staff report being finalized.

Sept 28, 2016

Departure Bay Activity Center

One of the cost saving recommendations from the Core Review, recently carried out by City Council, involves closure of the Activity Center. The current recommendation is to close the building in the second quarter of 2017( next spring-summer). The justification for this is the high cost of maintenance due to very poor foundation conditions and the expected need to completely replace the building in the near future.

The complete implementation plan is to be presented to Council at the October 3, 2016 council meeting. It can be viewed on the City of Nanaimo website as part of the agenda ( addendum) for the Oct 3 council meeting.

Sept 3, 2016

Amrikkos Restaurant Reconstruction

The DBNA has received a referral from the City of Nanaimo regarding an application for the reconstruction of the Amrikkos Restaurant Building, at the corner of Wingrove and Departure Bay Roads. You may recall that the  existing building was damaged by fire several years ago and has sat vacant since that event.

The proposal calls for the existing building to be rebuilt on the same footprint and to a similar  size and shape as the existing structure. The applicant is requesting variances with regard to the setback from the property lines and the amount of parking provided. The proposal is to essentially  rebuild using similar parking and setback provisions as to those that previously existed.

If you would like more information, the plans are available for viewing on the City Website, under the What's Building in my Neighbourhood section  (under the Residents Heading) or by contacting Gary Noble of the City's planning department at 250-755- 4429 Ext 4302.



To be held May 16-17 at Departure Bay  Beach and the Kin Hut. The event is being organized by the supporters of the proposal to construct a Paddling Center and Boat House near the Brechin Boat Ramp. The event will feature paddling workshops and demonstrations  and all manner of paddle powered boats ( Dragon Boats, Canoes, Kayaks, outriggers etc). For more details visit the Nanaimoboathouse.org web site and look for the Nanaimo Paddle Fun Fest tab.


August 24, 2015

 On Aug 17, City staff presented the project to Council and requested that approval be given to tender the construction work to upgrade the existing walkway from Loat Street to Bay Street. Representatives of DBNA also attended the council meeting and made a presentation in support of the project.

Council approved tender the construction work. The tendering process ends on Sept 3 at which time staff will be seeking council approval to award the construction work to the successful bidder.

If all goes well construction to upgrade the existing walkway should begin this fall.

May 7, 2015

On May 6, 2015 members of the DBNA Executive met with City staff to get an update on the status of this project. The following is a summary of what we learned:

-funding for construction has been allocated in the 2015 City Budget

- works to be carried out include:levelling of the sloping portions of the walkway(by lowering the high side)  and new overhead  lighting. In addition new concrete barriers, ramps and stairs will be used to separate the angle parking area from the lowered walkway.

-the level portion of the existing walkway in front of the Kin Park will remain as it is,however, lighting will be upgraded.

- as part of the project the storm sewer along the lower portion of Loat Street will be replaced (from Departure Bay Road to the walkway)

-the changes will not result in a narrowing of the walkway. However there will be some reduction in the width available for  angle parking. Some of the previously constructed planting beds will be converted to ramps for wheelchairs/baby strollers etc.

-Archeological work is expected to be carried out late May-early June. Assuming the archeological findings are favourable, construction is anticipated this fall.

-final landscaping details have yet to be worked out with City Parks staff

Over the coming weeks City staff will be posting project information beside the walkway.They will also be setting up a project web site as a means of getting feedback from the community.

Everyone is encouraged to review the information and provide feedback directly to the City.


Saturday May 23 , 2015  10:00am -3:00pm

 There will be a work party removing  Daphne and other invasive plants from the forested area in Wardropper Park along side Departure Bay Road. This is being arranged by the Volunteers in the Parks Program and the Mid Island Youth Co operative. If you would like to help bring along your saw, shovel,pruners, gloves etc. |Wear long sleeves,pants and boots. Soup and Pizza will be provided to helpers and bring along a food item to share.

For more information please contact Michael Geselbracht  250 618 4964 or at Michael.Geselbracht@gmail.com


January 10, 2014 Kayak Shack Update

At the January 13 Council Meeting a staff report will go to Council recommending that the City advise the owner of the Kayak shack to either bring the building up to current standards or demolish it. The alternative is that the City will demolish the building at the owners expense.

January 17, 2014

 At the City Council meeting of Jan 13 the owner of the Kayak Shack was given 90 days to clean up or demolish the building.

January 10, 2014 Liquor Store Application 7- Eleven building

DBNA has been advised by City Staff that an application has been submitted to open a liquor store in the unused portion of the 7- Eleven building ( 2875 Departure Bay Road). The property will have to be rezoned by the city and approval obtained from the Liquor Control Licensing Branch. A public hearing is anticipated as part of the rezoning process. DBNA is currently looking into this application. Further information is available from the Planning Department City of Nanaimo ( Dave Stewart).

Jan 13, 2014

The City has added currently available information on the Liquor Store application to the City of Nanaimo Web site. To see floor plans, and the justification submitted to the Social Planning Advisory Committee go to the Residents portion of the City of Nanaimo Web site, Scroll down to What's building in my Community and zoom into the Departure Bay applications. City Staff have indicated they will be adding additional information as it becomes available.

Jan 17, 2014

Liquor store rezoning is scheduled to go before the Advisory Planning Committee at the  Jan 21 monthly meeting.

Jan 24

Representatives from the DBNA Executive attended the Advisory Planning Committee meeting on Jan. 21 and made a presentation pointing out that no community consultation had occurred so far on this rezoning application. The applicant was encouraged by the committee to arrange a community meeting. We are currently awaiting information on the date and place of meeting. Further information will be forwarded to DBNA members when it becomes available.

Jan 27, 2014

DBNA was advised that the liquor store applicant has scheduled a community meeting for 5pm Feb 5 to explain his proposal to the community and to get community feedback. Meeting will be held at the Kin Hut. Everyone is encouraged to attend and ask questions.

April 16, 2014

DBNA advised that the application will go to City Council on April 28 for first and second reading. If it passes these readings a public hearing will be held. A tentative date of June 5 has been scheduled for the hearing.

Temporary Food Vendor Questionnaire Results

Jan 27, 2014

The results of the Temporary Food Vendor Questionnaire were presented to City of Nanaimo, Parks and Recreation Dept. for consideration in development of plans for the upcoming summer season. DBNA received 30 responses to the questionnaire that had been circulated to the membership in October 2013. In general the responses can be summarized as follows:

2013 Experience

38% of those responding had used the Mucho Nacho wagon last summer. Most were happy with the quality of food obtained.

Most frequent reasons for not using it included : inconsistent hours of operation, and didn't like the type of food /type of food not what they were looking for.

General comments/observations focused on inconsistent hours of operation, overall site servicing issues ( power cords on grass, lack of tables/chairs, noisy generator etc), concern over impact on local businesses.

Recommendations for future years

89% of those that responded were in favour of temporary food vendors at the beach in future years.When asked what they felt would be an appropriate number of vendors at the beach the most common response was two. The most commonly preferred operating times include Summer months only, 7 days per week and day light hours only.

The 11% that said NO to future food vendors were concerned about keep the beach natural looking and free of litter.

On the question of the location where food vendors should and shouldn't be located, there was quite a range of responses. The most commonly quoted preferred location was on  the paved area in front of the Kin hut while the most commonly identified area where vendors should not be located was on the grassed park area.  However, there was a wide range of  locations suggested  that in some cases were contradictory.

The most commonly identified types of food respondents wished to see included : quality ice cream and quality coffee and snacks.

When asked for any final comments, the following were the most frequently offered thoughts: vendor needs to keep posted hours, need for the vendor to add to rather than detract from the beach ( litter clean up, wagon should be removed when special events on at the beach, need to be professional looking, no noisy generators), and concern over impact on local businesses.

March 19, 2014

City of Nanaimo staff confirm that the City will not proceed with any further temporary food vendors at the beach until they resolve issues around the provision of site services and until further consultation with various interested groups has taken place.

Departure Bay Eco School

Oct 26, 2014

Habitat Restoration Project
On Thursday Nov 13, 2014 from 9:45 am until 2:00 pm Departure Bay School and City of Nanaimo Parks and Rec. will be hosting a project aimed at removing invasive plants, such as blackberries, from the Upper playing field area of the school grounds. Students from the school will be involved and interested members of the community are welcome. If you are interested in helping, please dress in long sleeves/ long pants. Appropriate boots and gloves are also required. Some tools will be available but if you have loppers, rakes, shovels etc please bring them along.

Roast salmon, soup and bread will be provided as a snack however everyone is encouraged to bring something to share as well ( please no peanuts and label food items with ingredients in case of allergies).

For further information please contact Michael Geselbracht, Practicum Teacher at 250-618-4964 or by email at Michael.Geselbracht@hotmail.com


January 24, 2013

Alumina Ship Wheel Project



On October 25,2012 a tribute to Canadian Mariners was unveiled at Departure Bay beach.The most prominent part of the display involves the ship wheel from the 4 masted schooner, Alumina, which was originally launched in 1901. Two members of the DBNA Executive, Dave and Joan Shillabeer were instrumental in obtaining the wheel from the Nanaimo Museum and in getting it mounted for display purposes.

The unveiling ceremony was attended by the Mayor, several City Councillors, members of the Neighbourhood Association and local residents.

The majority of funding required for this undertaking was provided by members of the Neighbourhood Association. Major donors are listed on the ship wheel plaque, however, the project would not have been possible without the additional financial support provided by the following members:

Stuart and Jan Chantree, Linda Cole, Norah Forrest, Inger Gidska, Michael and Penelope Grant, Wilbur and Barbara James, Shamus and Bonnie McGlynn, Daphne Paterson, Phyllis Reynolds, Eric Ricker, Eleanor Routley, Rosina Schmidt, Wayne Schulstad, Jane and Murray Walters, Erik Warners.


January 24, 2013

Departure Creek Tree Planting

During  the last week of December 2012, approximately 25 hearty volunteers braved wet, blustery conditions to plant in excess of 200 shrubs and trees along Departure Creek in Woodstream Park. The volunteers came from the Neighbourhood Association, Streamkeepers Groups, Harbour City River Stewarts and the City of Nanaimo. The  planting materials were provided through a grant from the Pacific Salmon Foundation  and  from the City of Nanaimo.

 The plantings were actually part of a larger salmon enhancement project on Departure Creek that has been funded over the past 2 years by the Pacific Salmon Foundation. One of our members, Jean Michel Hanssens has been instrumental obtaining the grant monies from the Foundation and in managing the projects that have been carried out along the creek.

When you walk through the park you will notice that many of the newly planted trees are surrounded by white plastic cones. These have been placed to protect the plants from foraging deer. Please do not remove the cones.

January 31,2013

Water Park Make Over

You may have noticed the construction work going on at the Centennial Park Water Park. The City is in the process of updating the water features. An all new park will be open by June 1. The updated waterpark will cover the same area as the old one.



Feb. 25, 2011

City of Nanaimo, Parks and Recreation is seeking input from our neighbourhood on the types of programs that could be offered at the Kin Hut, Departure Bay Activity Center and other recreational facilities in the Departure Bay area. To assist in this evaluation, Parks staff have put together an online questionnaire that can be accessed by clicking on the following link ( you may have to press Control and then click on the link).


Alternatively the questionnaire can be accessed on the City of Nanaimo website

If you have 5 or 10 minutes to spare and would like to provide the City with your thoughts on the types of activities you are most interested in, please complete the questionnaire.


January 28, 2010

Letter sent to Integrated Land Management Bureau, BC Provincial Government supporting protection of all of District Lot 56 , Linley Valley as long term parkland for residents of Nanaimo.

Departure Creek Rehabilitation Update

Sept 15, 2010

On Sunday Sept 26 from noon to 4pm , the Nanaimo Area Land Trust will be holding an open house at the Kin Hut to talk about habitat retoration work along the creek.

June 17, 2010

NALT has advised that a project to improve fish passage in the creek is scheduled to go ahead July 19-23, 2010 weather permitting. The work will be undertaken by the City and will involve the removal of a portion of the concrete sediment trap in the creek near Bay and Elk Streets. Any fish in that portion of the channel will be trapped and moved before the work begins. The Nanaimo Area Land Trust, Department of Fisheries and Oceans and the City of Nanaimo are all involved in this project.

See  below ( Nov 2009) for more information on the overall project.

Removal of the sediment trap was carried  out by the city in July 2010 as planned. Portions of the existing concrete structure were removed and replaced with  blasted rock.

City of Nanaimo Zoning Bylaw Rewrite

August 25,2010

The City of Nanaimo is in the process of updating Bylaw 4000- the Zoning Bylaw that regulates the form and size of structures that are allowed in the City. The bylaw also identifies the various zoning designations that apply ( single/multi family residential, commercial, industrial) to specific portions of the city. This update is being carried out so that the bylaw conforms with the New Official Community Plan, which was adopted in 2008.

Should you wish to review a draft copy of the bylaw or provide feedback to city staff, a draft copy of the document and a questionaire are currently available on the City of Nanaimo website  at:


 Briefly, many of the proposed changes reflect a desire to increase densities within the city. Some of the proposals include:

-allowing smaller single family residential lots

-allowing density bonusing for green developments

-establishing minimum building heights and maximum setbacks for developments within corridors

-allowing new forms of housing including row housing and suites above detached garages

-allowing front porches to project into setback areas

- allowing residential development in shopping centers

The new bylaw also replaces all of the previously zoned commercial properties with new corridor designations. In total four different corridor zones are proposed, requiring various degrees of residential development.  At the moment, updated land use mapping has not been completed so it is not possible to tell how  the corridor designation might affect the Departure Bay waterfront area ( previously zoned C-4 Commercial).

Along with the questionnaire included on the city web site, city staff have indicated that they plan on holding a series of open houses this fall to get additional public input.

Dec 22,2010

On Dec 13 several members of the DBNA Executive meet with planners from the City of Nanaimo to get updated on changes being proposed to the Zoning Bylaw. The Executive was looking for assurances that the  Departure Bay Neighbourhood Plan recommendations would be  recognized in the new bylaw. The main points discussed are summarized below.

- The Zoning bylaw will recognize the boundaries of the Departure Bay village core area identified in the Neighbourhood Plan. The areas currently zoned C-4 along Departure Bay Road and Wingrove Street will be shown as a Commercial Center (CC2). Building heights will be limited in the CC2 area to 9m.

- One of the permitted uses within the CC2 designation is a recycling depot. City Staff indicated that a bottle return type of facility is all that would be allowed.

- Within the village core area staff also indicated that the 2 storey mixed use and 2 storey multi family residential areas would be recognized by staff.

- Land use plans will show the existing zoning.

- The Executive raised concerns over the generous density bonusing provisions proposed for mixed use developments and developments meeting green environmental standards. In particular the Executive had conserns that the density bonusing provision could allow for building heights exceeding those otherwise permitted in the bylaw . Staff agreed to relook at these proposals particularly as they relate to   building height.

- City staff will be holding a series of open houses to obtain further input from the pulbic. Proposed dates and locations are:

Feb 8, 2011 Nanaimo Ice Rink Lounge 2, 750 Third St., from 5:30 to 8:00pm

Feb 10, 2011 Beban Park Lounge from 5:30 to 8:00pm

Feb 16, 2011 Dover Bay School  Multi Purpose Room from 5:30 to 8:00pm

Feb 17, 2011 Firehall #4 1425 Cranberry Ave., 5:30 to 8:00 pm



Off leash Dog Park Open House

July 16, 2009

The City  is seeking public input concerning the possible establishment of new off leash dog parks in Nanaimo.  Fourteen newsites are currently being considered. Some of those  that may be of interest to DBNA members include Linley Valley,  Wardropper Park,  and Beach Estates. An Open house will be held by the City's Parks and Recreation staff  on Wedneday July 29, from 4 to 8pm at the Beban Off Leash dog park ( off Labieux Road) . Interested DBNA members are encouraged to attend and provide your feedback.

Further information is available from Parks and Recreation offices or online at www.nanaimo.ca

Departure Creek Rehabilitation

November 8, 2009

The DBNA Executive have been in discussions with Nanaimo and Area Land Trust ( NALT) over the initiation of a project to rehabilitate the fish habitat in Departure Creek. NALT has taken the lead in contacting other agencies such as Federal Fisheries and the City and in seeking possible sources of funding for such an undertaking. The goal is to re-establish coho and pink salmon to the stream. So far, the initial response has been very positive.

The project is currently in the early stages. We have provided NALT with a letter of community support to aid in its search for funding and will be in ongoing contact with NALT as the project evolves. Updates will be posted on the web site as  more information becomes available. 

Burn It Smart Workshop - Nov 27 2:00 to 3:30 pm at the Kin Hut

Air quality monitoring carried out last winter showed the Departure Bay area, specifically Bay Street from Hammond Bay to Newton Street, as a hot spot for poor air quality in the City. Wood stoves are felt to be a big contributer to the amount of fine particle pollution present. The Burn it Smart workshop, put on by the City of Nanaimo, Ministry of the Environment, BC Lung Association and the Wood Energy Technicians of BC should be of interest to those interested in doing their part to lower emission levels in the area. There is no charge to attend the workshop. More information is available on the City of Nanaimo website ( What's New section) or from Rob Lawrance, Environmental Planner at the City of Nanaimo. He can be contacted by phone at 250-755-4483 or by email at Rob.Lawrance@nanaimo.ca




2.1 Proposed mixed use development 2835 Departure Bay Road (Cottage adjacent to "Tides" property, midway between Wingrove and Bay Streets)

January 15, 2008

At the request of the property owner, three members of the Dbna Executive met with the  owner and his architect to discuss the development now being proposed for this property.

The information provided indicated that the new building being proposed for the site  would be three storeys high, with a small amount of retail space on the ground floor ( likely a coffee shop), four condominiums on the second floor and a single large condomium unit on the third floor.

A rezoning is not  required for this type of development. However, considering the limited size of the lot, it is anticipated that several variances from the Zoning Bylaws may be needed to accomodate the size of building proposed. Exact  variance requirements are not known at this point, however they  could possibly involve things such as the amount of off street parking provided, yard setbacks, allowed height of the building in relation to the amount of retail space provided,  and the amount of open space provided. There also remains a question of how vehicles would access the site.

Given the recent archaeological finds at  adjacent "Tides" property the owner indicated that he will be undertaking further archaeogical investigations and that he will be having ongoing discussions with the Snuneymuxw First Nation.

The Executive have recommended to the owner and to City Planning staff that an open public meeting be held as soon as possible to provide the community with clarity on what is being proposed for the site, particularly considering the cancellation of the adjacent "Tides" project. We have also indicated that there is also a need for community input should the proposed development require  significant variances as these could set a precedent for future redevelopment along the beachfront.

2.2 Draft Official Community Plan

April 12, 2008

Letter prepared on behalf of the DBNA Executive and sent to the City. The letter outlined DBNA concerns with regards to the draft version of the Nanaimo Official Community Plan ( background information and a copy of the letter was  also emailed to all association members). Concerns were expressed regarding apparent conflicts between the draft OCP and the Departure Bay Neighbourhood plan, proposed future urbanization of the western portion of Linley Valley and the lack of meaningful community input into development proposals.

All members are encouraged to review the draft OCP document and provide comments to the City by April 25, 2008.  A convenient survey questionnaire is available on the City of Nanaimo website.

2.3 Tides Property 2855 Departure Bay Rd

April 22, 2008

DBNA was advised by the Snuneymuxw First Nation that the sale of the property is now complete. The Province now owns the property and will be working out a joint management agreement with the First Nation in the near future.

2.4 Summer Events

Annual DBNA Picnic- June 22. Photos will be posted on the Photograph Pages of this web site.

Tribal Journeys- July 26. Snuneymuxw First Nation will be holding a major cultural event at the Kin Park. Events are open to the public. Starting at 11am the Spirit Pole will be available for public carving. This is a new totem pole that is being created for use in the North American Indigenous Games to be held in Cowichan later this summer. At 2pm a large number of canoes will be landing on the beach. At 5pm there will be an unveiling of a new welcoming gateway which will remain as a permanent feature in the Park. Events are expected to wrap up early in the evening.

Bathtub Race- July 27. A link to the official bathtub race website is included in the Links section of this web site . Check it for the most up to date race details.

2.5 December 3, 2008 meeting with Parks staff

Attendees from DBNA
Penny Bent
Joan Shillabeer
Reale Emond
Allan Davidson

Attendees for the City
Jeff Ritchie
Kirsty MacDonald
Chris Sholberg

Topics Discussed

1. Kin Park Improvements

The city indicated they have funding allocated in 2009 to upgrade the outside washroom in

the Kin Park. Main upgrades will be to the plumbing to allow the washrooms to operate in

winter. There is currently a problem with the pipes freezing. Improvements to the interior

lighting in the building are also a possibility.

Possibility of painting murals on the outside of the Kin Hut was also discussed. The city

would like to see proposed designs from the neighbourhood if we want to go ahead with this.

Funding may be available from City art programs. There was recognition that further

consultation with the Community and First Nations was required.

Need for ongoing maintenance of the Kin Hut building in the form of repairs/replacement of

the front door and painting of the exterior building trim was also discussed.

2. Waterfront Walkway

City confirmed that $300,000 in funding is still allocated in the 2010 Parks budget for

improvements to the existing walkway. This includes levelling of the asphalt, a new railing and

improved overhead lighting. There was much discussion about the City holding an open house

in the community to get input to the design. The City indicated that this was likely to happen in

the middle of 2009.

The need to upgrade the landscaping carried out as part of last years road improvement

project was discussed. The cityís landscaping staff will be discussing suitable additional

plantings with the DBNA prior to next spring.

3. Volunteers in Parks

The city is supportive of the community taking an active role in further tree planting efforts

(further to last yearís efforts in Woodstream Park) and efforts to deal with invasive species.

Parks can provide support if the neighbourhood wants to undertake volunteer work.

4. Centennial Park

As a follow up to removal to the Lacrosse Box last year, the city will be undertaking

additional works in 2009. More shade trees will be planted and a picnic area created near

the old Lacrosse Box site. In addition changes will be made to the overhead lighting to make

the sports field more useable at nights.

5. Wardropper Park

The need for neighbourhood consultation on future enhancements to Wardropper Park was

discussed. The City prefers that the DBNA consult with the community and develop


 Following the meeting it was confirmed by the City that $13,500 is being held by the City for

Wardropper Park improvements. This funding was collected as a community contribution

associated with the rezoning of an adjacent property.

6. First Nations Property ( 2835 Departure Bay Rd)

The City confirmed that they have been in discussions with the Snuneymuxw First Nations

regarding the development of an interim landscaping plan for the property. Current plans call

for a landscaped mound (dune) to be created on the property. Vegetation is to be similar to

that employed by the City in the planters adjacent to the waterfront walkway. A public

walkway connecting to Centennial Park is to be included along the edge of the First Nations

property. The work will be carried out by the First Nation however the timing hasnít been


Allan Davidson
Dec 3, 2008










June 28, 2007 Update
As part of the Neighbourhood Plan implementation effort, the DBNA President  made a presentation at the June 27 meeting of the Parks and Recreation Commission. The presentation provided some general background on the Neighbourhood Plan and highlighted some of the recommendations within the Plan that are specific to Parks and Recreation. The presentation focused on the following projects (1) levelling of the existing beachfront walkway (2) improving the walkway lighting and replacing lamp standards with ornamental ones (3) carrying out a parks plan for Wardropper Park and (4)  in the longer term, development of an overall  plan for the best use of the public lands along the beach front.

The results of the meeting were as follows: (1)The Commission voted to have staff look at the first two projects (walkway upgrades) in more detail so they can be considered for funding in the 2008 budgetting process.(2)  In the coming months, Parks staff are prepared to begin community consultation on a Wardropper Park Plan.(3) No action was taken regarding develpment of a long term beachfront plan. 

Rezoning APPLICATION, 2937 Departure Bay Rd

June 2007

The property at the corner of Departure Bay Road and Bay Street is currently under a rezoning request for conversion from a Single Family Residential property to Multi-Family Residential. The owner wishes to construct a 9-unit condominium on the site. The City of Nanaimo Planning Department (Jason Carvalho, 754-4251) can be contacted regarding most recent details and drawings.

To date, members of the Executive have provided input to the City, the developer and architect outlining our areas of concern. These include 1) view impacts from adjacent homes 2) size of the proposed building in relation to the size of the lot 3) traffic and parking concerns 3) archaeological and environmental issues 4) Neighbourhood plan Considerations and 5) need for a Community contribution.

Negotiations are continuing with the property owner with the main area of contention being the potential impact of the development on views from adjacent properties. As a compromise that would see the development go ahead, the Association and nearby property owners have provided the owner with the solution of redesigning the southern portion of the building to minimize view impacts. So far he has not accepted this option.

A formal rezoning public hearing will be required involving the Mayor and City Council. As of June 10, 2007 the date and location for this meeting had not been set.

July 11, 2007

At the July 9 Council meeting, City staff presented a report in support of the requested rezoning.The staff report was supported by a presentation by the applicant's architect.

 Two nearby residents, who are  members of the Neighbourhood Association,  made presentations, expressing opposition to the current building design on the basis of view impacts  and impacts on the adjacent Wardropper Park.

The Neighbourhood Association also made a presentation requesting that the public hearing  date be scheduled for September, rather than the next scheduled hearing date ( August 2), to avoid conflicts with summer vacation plans.

Council gave first and second reading to the rezoning bylaw, which authorizes staff to advance the application to the formal public hearing stage. The meeting is to be held on September 6. Council will make a final decision on the application following the public hearing.

September 12

At the September 6 Public hearing, the Neighbourhood Association opposed the rezoning on the following grounds (1) conflict with the intent of the Neighbourhood Plan (2) the unusual type of zoning classification being requested ( Comprehensive development zone) and (3) the Association and neighbours had proposed what we felt was a win-win compromize solution that the applicant rejected and the City ignored.

At the September 10 Council meeting, Council approved the rezoning application. Councillor Sherry was the only one who supported the postion put forward by the Association. and opposed the rezoning. Mayor Korpan and  councillors  Holdom, Brennan, McNabb, Manhas, Cameron, and Unger voted in favour of the rezoning while Councillor Bestwick obstained from voting.

The Execitive will be following up with a letter to Council expressing our disappointment that City staff and Council ignored the solution put forward by the Association and neighbours that would have allowed the development to go ahead while being sensitive to the needs of the immediate neighbours.




In April 2007 the City of Nanaimo, Parks, Recreation and Culture held an open house to discuss the future of the outdoor Lacrosse Box at Centennial Park. City concerns surrounded the potential high cost to repair the aging structure ($80,000) and the limited use it currently enjoys.

Other options for the site, put forward by City staff include 1) improved landscaping of the area; 2) remedial work along the adjacent Departure Creek; 3) the provision of some alternate youth related activities, such as a beach volleyball area; 4) conversion of one of the nearby tennis courts to become a multi use court for basketball, hockey etc.

The Executive of the Departure Bay Neighbourhood Association has not objected to the removal of the Lacrosse box, provided alternate arrangements are made for those currently using the facility. The provision of an alternate multi-use court area should achieve this. In addition, the recently complete Neighbourhood planning process identified the need for more youth related activities in the area. With this in mind, the Executive have also recommended that serious consideration be given to encouraging additional youth sporting activities in the area. Beach volleyball courts are seen as a one possible low cost means of providing such an activity.  This would also be compatible with the nearby beach and water park environment.

A report and recommendations from City staff is expected to go forward to the Parks and Recreation Commission in early summer 2007.

Council approval was obtained  for removal of the lacrosse box and modification  of the existing tennis courts to include a general purpose hard surface( conversion of one of the three existing tennis courts to a general purpose court).  This work is slated to be carried out in September 2007. In the longer term further discussions are expected between the community and parks and rec. on furture use of the lacrosse box site.


This property consists of the undeveloped gravel lot directly across the road from Departure Bay beach. The area has been zoned commercial for a number of years. In  2005 the owner put forward an initial application to construct a mixed-use commercial/ multi family residential facility on the site. The Neighbourhood Association objected to the original proposal based on the large number of variances that would be required from existing bylaws.

The revised development that was ultimately approved by City Council involves a three-storey structure with ground floor commercial and parking. A total of fourteen condominium units are provided for on the upper two floors.

As of June 2007 construction has not started. The latest update from the developer suggests that a building permit from the City will likely be issued in late June with construction possibly beginning in July. A sales office will be placed on site in late June or July of 2007.

November 2007

Condominium development has been put on hold due to the discovery of extensive First Nations artifacts on the site.


During the Spring of 2007 significant reconstruction of Departure Bay Road between Loat Street and Bay Street will be undertaken by the City. The work will include replacement of underground utilities, provision of a left turn slot at Bay Street, sidewalks on the west side of Departure Bay Road from Loat to Bay, and additional landscaping and traffic calming nodes at cross walk locations. This work is scheduled for completion in late June of 2007.

Along with the roadwork noted above, City crews will also be upgrading and replacing water mains throughout the Departure Bay area. Work will mainly take place on Loat Street, Elk Street, Fairbanks Street and Fandell Street. Work is scheduled to extend over several months during the summer of 2007 with completion expected in mid August.


Over the past several months the City has been undertaking a ten year review of the Official Community Plan ( Plan Nanaimo).  As part of that work , in August , 2007 a Working Paper was completed,outlining and explaining potential changes to the plan. This Paper and a questionnaire soliciting community feedback can be accessed at the city web site ( you can access it from our Links page). One interesting change involves a name change- from Plan Nanaimo to sustainNanaimo.


Parks and Recreation will be undertaking improvments to the existing walking trails through Wardropper Park (between Bay Street and Departure Bay Rd)  during late October 2007. The work will consist of widening and gravelling the existing trails to bring them up to minimum City standards. The work should take about one to two weeks to complete. Over the coming months City staff will be monitoring useage of the trails to deterimine whether further upgrading is warranted.

Community imput regarding development of an overall parks plan for the area was originally scheduled for the fall of 2007. The City has now deferred this until the spring of 2008.



In early 2008, the Snuneymuxw First Nation in partnership with the City will be erecting a "gateway" structure near the Kin Hut. Design of the structure is not yet complete ( November 2007) however, it is anticipated that it will consist of 2 large wooden posts with a carved wooden cross member. The structure is intended to be a symbolic gateway to the ancient First Nations village that previously occupied Departure Bay beach.  An artists rendition of the village site may also form part of the gateway. Funding for the project will be provided through the Cultural Capital Grant that was provided to the City by the Federal Government in 2007.

For more information on the Gateway contact Chris Sholberg, Community and Heritage Planner at the City of Nanaimo.


In December 2007 the City advised that in 2008 they will be carrying out a redesign of a short  section of Hammond Bay Rd from Friar Tuck to the Departure Bay Rd intersection. The design is intended to accomodate a new left turn slot for vehicles turning  left on to Friar Tuck and a raised sidewalk on the uphill side of this portion of Hammond Bay Rd. This is intended to be a start to the improvements that were identified in the Hammond Bay Rd safety an mobility study carried out a few years ago. Construction from Friar Tuck to Departure Bay Rd is expected in 2009.


This is intended as an update to the email sent to DBNA Members on December 8, 2007.

On December 18, 2007 the City of Nanaimo Engineering Department advised that they had completed a re examination of this section of Departure Bay Road in light of comments made by the Association regarding the removal of the above noted crosswalk.

The City  confirmed that they will be proceeding with the original plan to remove the existing crosswalk at the foot of Bay Street  and to install  an overhead flashing light at the crosswalk in front of the "Tides" property. In addition they will now be providing a sidewalk in front of the "Tides" property and curtailing the use of the street level portion of the sidewalk as a bus bay. These latter two changes are intended to make it easier for pedestrians to access the mid block crosswalk in front of the "Tides". These changes are scheduled to be implemented in early Spring of 2008.

Should you wish further information please contact Tom Kraft, City of Nanaimo Engineering at 755-4409.